Pre-Ballet – Ages 3 to 6

A lively and creative introduction to dance designed to
develop poise,grace, rhythmic skills and
basic coordination.





 Classical Ballet – Ages 7 to Adult

A more structured class which stresses French terminology,
correct placement and alignment, strength, muscularity and grace.
Barre exercises and center floor work will be taught.
Pointe classes are available for students after they have
studied classical ballet for 3 years.




Tap – Ages 5 to Adult

“America’s original art form” will be explored by stressing
rhythm, style, and coordination, using several different types
of music including many Big Band and Broadway songs.








 Jazz – Ages 8 to Adult

Modern movements, current music and a great workout
are the cornerstones to jazz, allowing individuals to
express their own personal style and flair.







Lyrical Dance – Ages 9 thru adult

A style of dance that merges together Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary techniques and is performed to music to inspire movements to express strong emotions. It focuses on expression and individual approach and the synthesis of the dancer, the choreographer, the music and what all forms of dance may bring to a piece of work.




Hip Hop – Ages 9 thru adult

“Street Dance” or what has evolved… performed to hip-hop music and what has evolved from “Hip-hop culture”.









Piano – Ages 6 thru adult










Mommy & Me

A terrific class for 2 and three year olds to attend in the day time with their Mom, for young ones that are still fairly attached to their Moms. It is a great way to introduce your child to Dance, Music, and other children, also a great way for Moms to have a bit of a break in the day and get out for a bit and still spend quality time with their daughters.