A Note To Welcome You…

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to The Julie Ardito School of Dance. My hope is that this proves to be a wonderful and enjoyable experience for you.

I am dedicated to the proper teaching of dance and assure you that an education in dance of the highest quality and standards will be received by all.

Students of all levels of learning will be accepted at the school, beginning with age 3 thru adult. Classes are not only available for beginners but also for students with prior training. Special adult classes are also available, for adults with no prior dance training. Personal attention will be paid to each student, regardless of ability, in order to ensure a fair and positive atmosphere, which is of the utmost importance.

The students will be taught on a graded level to achieve the highest quality results, which is my prime objective.. Students will learn proper methods in which to stretch and strengthen. They will learn the correct terminology of dance, along with the proper movements. Finally, the year will culminate with a dance performance, that will enable all to feel a sense of accomplishment, which is one of the truly special and unique gifts of a dance education.

I’m looking forward to getting to know all of you, and wish you a wonderful season! Our fully certified & friendly staff will make your or your child’s dance experience a very special one.

Please review each monthly newsletter to keep yourself abreast of all the necessary and important information & exciting news.

– Julie Ardito

Our Philosophy

At our studio, we put strong emphasis on Classical Ballet training, as it is our belief that because ballet is the foundation to all dance forms, we strongly suggest everyone study it, even if they are not a “Ballerina” per se. Another cornerstone of the studios’ belief system is to give fair and equal attention and opportunity to all students. A positive and fair environment is stressed, all led by our experienced and professional staff.

Something unique at our studio is that we encourage older dancers (people in their 20’s and 30’s) who are advanced dancers to CONTINUE to dance, perform and take class. We feel as though, by that point a new understanding of technique and artistry can be truly understood, which is not always possible for younger students.

We hope that when students leave our studio they have a sense of happiness and accomplishment. Our approach to their education is one of sensitivity, yet stressing discipline, technique and structure. We promote proper nutrition, and never encourage eating disorders or anorexic dancers. We hope they will leave the studio fulfilled – mind, body and soul.